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Lassen Sie sich von den Testimonials unserer Mitglieder inspirieren. Schreiben Sie bei Holmes Place Ihre eigene Erfolgsgeschichte.

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Personal Training

Individuelle Trainingsbetreuung mit dem Personal Trainer Ihrer Wahl finden Sie in unseren Wiener Holmes Place Clubs. Wir sind die Nummer 1 in Europa für Personal Training und bieten die vielfältigste Auswahl an Experten, um so gezielt auf Ihre persönlichen Bedürfnisse eingehen zu können und Sie bestmöglichst zu unterstützen!

personal training mit mitglied im gym
couple workout trining music headphones Holmes Place

Valentine workout playlist - straight to the heart

A workout for two deserves a special playlist to go with it. This Valentine train with the tunes that go straight to the heart.
woman eyes closed meditation thankful fitness outfit Holmes Place

How to improve your posture - by MD Thordis Berger

Posture is the position you maintain while standing, sitting or lying down. You have good posture when your position creates the least amount of strain on supporting muscles and ligaments when you move or perform weight-bearing activity. ​
woman outdoors lake park fitness jumping rope Holmes Place

Is strength training the only way to get toned?

Firm, defined and in good shape. Being toned is a goal for many of us and strength training is both essential and excellent for achieving that goal. But is it the only way?​
Eating meal calories healthy food nutrition Holmes Place

How does fat loss actually work?

Knowledge is power - here’s how fat is stored and burned, so you can start torching it smartly.
make up eyeliner eyebrow pencil woman mirror detail Holmes Place

Why makeup and workouts don’t work together

Are you one of those people who refuse to leave the house without your daily skin regime and full facial application of Elizabeth Arden? Even when you’re working out? Well, get that makeup remover to hand - here’s why makeup and workouts don’t work.
fitness valentine workout fall in love personal trainer Holmes Place hug man woman gym

Five ways enjoying fitness is like being in love

Tummy butterflies, extreme joy and a yearning to be with that special someone? It must be love. Accomplishment, satisfaction and contentment? It must be fitness. You may not realise it, but the two are interlinked.