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Personal Training

Individuelle Trainingsbetreuung mit dem Personal Trainer Ihrer Wahl finden Sie in unseren Wiener Holmes Place Clubs. Wir sind die Nummer 1 in Europa für Personal Training und bieten die vielfältigste Auswahl an Experten, um so gezielt auf Ihre persönlichen Bedürfnisse eingehen zu können und Sie bestmöglichst zu unterstützen!

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People running in the dark raining

April playlist - running in the rain

In the immortal words of T.S. Eliot: "April is the cruellest month". Well, we are not that extreme.
muscles sore post-workout fitness gym training Holmes Place

Pleasant pain: Why is the body sore after a Workout

Why is the body sore after a workout? Pain and pleasure is not a welcoming mix for most of us. But the blood-pumping, full-body post-gym ache? That’s the good stuff. Here’s why it happens.
 FloatFit class gym pool workout intensity Aqua sport Holmes Place

Six reasons to try Float Fit

Think you’ve tried every workout and nothing’s floating your boat anymore? This 30-minute class won’t only have you splashing with joy; it’ll hoist up your health and make waves with your friends, too.
Gym vs home workout gym weight training indoor club body muscle fitness Holmes Place

Gym vs home: The benefits of taking it to the club

You know you need to exercise - but is a gym membership really necessary or is exercising at home just as good? A question asked by many and answered by simply looking at the pros and cons. By doing so, you can work out your workouts yourself.
Stretching yoga workout sleep rest night Holmes Place

Late-night workout for a deeper sleep

A gentle, Yoga inspired, night workout that allows for stretching and relaxation preparing you for a good night's sleep.
 Personal Training  fitness workout gym club coach benefits Holmes place

Personal Training - the importance of a personalised approach to fitness

A Personal Trainer can help to identify the best exercises and frequency to support people to reach realistic and achievable goals. Without this, people can not only waste time and money but also lose motivation. Here is what you can get with a personalised approach to fitness