Six reasons to try Xpress classes

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Six reasons to try Xpress classes, people smilling

What if you could achieve results even when you have little time - would you give them a go? You should - here are six reasons to try Xpress classes.

Sceptics and cynics alike could argue that in order to get fit, improve stamina and build muscle you have to work long and hard. But that, wonderfully, is not always the case. High-impact, short-duration training is renowned for excellent cardio results, as well as improved muscle toning. Music to your ears? It’s true. And with our variety of Xpress Classes, you can get a fast and powerful workout while having a blast too. Here are just a few benefits you’ll get from attending our 15-minute (yes, really) training sessions...


Less is more

Short, fast bursts of energy can actually be more beneficial than longer exercise sessions, meaning faster results in less time. A recent study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology suggests just 15 minutes of training elevates your resting energy expenditure for 72 hours after exercising - just as effectively as working out for 35 minutes can.


Time is of the essence

It’s not always possible to fit in lengthier sessions of exercise. Work and family commitments can impact on the time we get for ourselves - and exercise is often the first to be neglected. Many of our Xpress classes are only 15 minutes long - the time it takes to have a quick scroll through social media and catch up on what your friends had for lunch.


Longer workouts aren’t for everyone

Hours of working out can affect the joints and muscles for some people; others simply don’t enjoy long sessions and lose concentration halfway through a workout. If this is you, short bursts of exercise are your best friend.


Plenty of variety.

There are a wide range of Xpress classes available to join, including Abs Xpress, Circuit Xpress and Functional Xpress. Whether you want a short core-blast to concentrate on your abs or you’re mixing up your circuit training, these short classes add variety to your workout regime perfectly. We think outside the box when it comes to exercise - some of our classes probably aren’t what you are expecting. One is Roller Xpress: a self-massaging exercise which uses a roller and mini roller to reduce muscular tension and pain.


You’ll have fun

With the variety of our Xpress classes and short duration of the training, you won’t have time to think - nevermind get bored. We’re always introducing new and innovative ideas for our classes - it’s all part of the Holmes Place signature experience. Xpress classes are a perfect alchemy of exercise, fun and doing something different.


Improved fitness levels

Short, sharp bursts of training shed fat and burn calories. We train in small groups, so you get the intensity of personal gym circuit training - helping you work much harder. With the variety of classes, you’ll have more time to enjoy different workouts and exercise various parts of your body.

Gepostet auf Fitness and tagged Xpress Classes, Fitness, Workout.