Start your training

and your career

Our Holmes Place Academy offers training and education for people who want to start their career as Personal Trainer, or who want to expand their knowledge and improve their career path. Our first basic course is possible to do without any previous knowledge about the fitness industry and offers the perfect start to your Personal Trainer career.

The start to your success

After this first module you are able to establish an anamnesis. Based on this status-quo you will develop a training programme and exercises fitted to your clients needs.

The functional license

In this module you will expand your knowledge to all parts of functional training, learn about using all the equipment, kettlebells, suspension training and more.

The Personal Trainer license

After this intense module you will be able to develop custom training plans and guide your client on the perfect way to reach his goals. The course will also help you to start up your business.

The secret to your success

Our Academy Team consists of experienced fitness experts that will teach and coach you ony our way to your success. You not only learn in a seminar room, you will get out there on the gym floor with us and use all the knowledge directly and practically.

personal trainer mit mitglied beim assessment