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Our Philosophy

Productivity, quality and the success of your company are directly connected to the wellbeing of your employees. We will support you in this effort and offer you customized packages for the needs of your company.

Corporate Packages

We offer tailored packages for various needs of every company structure.

Health Check

We check the current health status of your employees and compile a tailored training plan based on these results.

Group Classes

Book your team for a specific group class of your choice and experience the feeling of Holmes Place with our best instructors.

Wellness Coaching

Our experts offer specific coachings and seminars around latest fitness, nutrition and wellness trends. We offer these in or out of your company premises.

Personal Training

Specific 30min high-intensity training sessions fitted to the needs of each employer will help to achieve the desired fitness goal faster and more efficient.


We offer regular workshops around nutrition with a combination of theoretical and practical lectures, providing a lot of input around several different aspects.

Corporate Packages

To know more information about our corporate programs, please find a club and contact our team.