4 ideas for an active outdoor workout vacation

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Although you may also find it difficult to interrupt your fitness training routine during your vacations – it doesn’t have to come to that. With the help of our workout tips, you can also keep fit when you’re on the move, and enjoy an active outdoor vacation in the countryside.

1. Outdoor Workout Tip: Swimming in the Lake

Crystal clear, mountainside lakes simply make you want to go for a swim – especially on hot days. In this way, you can actively enjoy nature with an effective workout and refresh yourself at the same time. Your body becomes lighter when you swim, it takes the strain off your joints, and it strengthens your immune system – and you can take yourself back to dreamy childhood days with lots of fun splashing around – altogether ideal conditions for active outdoor vacations.

For Your Safety:

  • Wearing swim shoes will protect you from injuries caused by sharp stones or slipping over on the shore. Never run along the shore.
  • Lakes which seem shallow at first, can also swiftly become deep and contain dangerous currents. Don’t let kids especially, swim out too far and keep an eye on their surroundings.
  • Algae can grow freely in natural surroundings. Don’t get tangled up in underwater plants and keep your eyes peeled for other potential hazards.
  • The golden rule applies: Don’t go into the water with a full or an empty stomach. You shouldn’t eat for at least an hour before you go swimming, to avoid blood circulation problems.
  • In places where the water is shallower, you can do some aqua gymnastics: This is a very effective outdoor workout due to the water’s resistance.

2. Outdoor Workout Tip: Jogging and Hiking

Of course you can go jogging or hiking anywhere – but it’s especially enjoyable where the surroundings are beautiful or where the breath-taking, outdoor panorama tempts you to enjoy exploring and workouts. So this provides ideal conditions for an active vacation in the countryside. Jogging and hiking are also definitely good for your health: research has shown that they actively help to reduce stress, and to improve your mood and your powers of concentration.

For Your Safety:

Jogging surrounded by nature, of course requires sturdy well-fitting outdoor shoes, which will protect your feet from the inside as well as the outside. It’s best to take professional advice and have your feet measured in a specialty shop.


3. Outdoor Workout Tip: Riding

Not only a must for a farm vacation: riding doesn’t only mean exercise for the horses – it can also be good for your muscles too. Apart from this, it will delight the children and bring them even closer to nature.

During really active riding your legs, your torso and your arms are put into use and repeatedly put under strain, while you should sit relaxed and well-balanced. What looks so easy in films, can actually be a pretty intensive outdoor workout in real life.

For Your Safety:

Choose escorted rides – at least to begin with. Experienced riding instructors can give you the necessary tips on how to stay firmly and safely in the saddle. It’s better not to overdo it, and to find your feet gradually while enjoying this outdoor activity.

4. Outdoor Workout Tip: Cycling

There are certainly hundreds of good reasons to go cycling during an active outdoor vacation. You can cover greater distances than you could on foot, and thus, really be able to explore the surroundings. Get out and go on outdoor excursions with your family while on vacation. Last but not least, really train your legs and buttock muscles effectively with this workout.

You will also sleep better and in the long term, even reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%! Cycling is definitely good for you – and it guarantees for outdoor fun while on vacation.

For Your Safety:

Always wear a helmet when you cycle. There are generally places where you can rent bicycles at your vacation destination these days, even in the countryside. Also important in seemingly deserted areas: Watch out for traffic constantly: even a single car can become a hazard on narrow roads.

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