5 exercises for a great outdoor workout

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1)Bench - Jump to Squat

Sit down on a park bench with your back straight, and your arms hanging down loosely, with your legs slightly spread apart. Now jump vertically as high as you can from this position with your body absolutely straight, and land as quickly as you can in a cushioning squatting position. Repeat the exercise in sets of 3, and shake your legs after each set.

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2)Bench - Up Crunches

To do this exercise, lie on your back on a park bench, and cradle your hands behind your head. Now tense your stomach muscles by moving your elbows towards your knees. They should meet in the middle. Repeat this exercise 5 times, taking little breaks in between, and doing loosening-up exercises.

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3)Bench - Lunges

Stand with your back to a park bench. Now place one foot so that the tips of the toes rest on the seat of the bench. Keep them there while you slowly crouch right down on one leg. Your weight should be centred over the heel of the leg you are standing on. Repeat the bench lunges 3 times to begin with, then swap legs after a short break, during which you can shake your legs.

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4)One Leg Jumps

Jumping on one leg is not just for children’s birthday parties, it is actually a great fitness exercise to increase jumping power and balance. Set yourself signpost targets, organize jumping competitions with friends – there are no limits to what you can think up. This training is particularly effective if you hop uphill. Especially when starting with this exercise, you can alternate legs more often.

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5)Plank Mountain Climbers

Put your forearms from elbow to clenched fist flat on the ground. You should keep your back as straight as possible. Now begin the mountain climber leg movements, by holding one leg stretched out behind you, and the other bent in front of you. Support yourself to cushion the effect, and swap leg positions with small jumps.

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All these exercises can easily be done anywhere in the fresh air, without the need for extra equipment. Increase the reps and the intensity of the workouts gradually, and don’t forget to do thorough stretching exercises beforehand and afterwards.

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