Blasting calories with our gym machines: which burns the most?

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You have a ballpark around the 500 to 600 calories per hour in the circuit, however you’ll find more precise indications on the each device’s screen. This information will ultimately depend on your fitness level, your weight and your use of extra support (like handrails on a treadmill, for instance).

So we’ve designed a ballpark overview, based on studies conducted by Harvard Medical School, that show what you can expect to get from each cardio machine on average.

How much can you expect to burn?

Cycling: Selecting a heavy resistance on a standing climb position will allow you to burn more calories on this machine. You blast 15% more calories in this position than if you just pedal in a regular sitting position. And if you do it with enough stamina, you can burn almost 500 calories in just 35 minutes.

Elliptical: With a steady rhythm and a good posture, about half an hour will burn on average 330 to 400 calories. The circular up and down movement of the machine replicates both step climbing and skiing activities, providing a full body workout with the push or pull option on the handles.

Treadmill: Walking or jogging, for each kilometer you can expect to burn an average of 100 to 120 calories. This average will ultimately depend on how fast you go, the inclination you choose and your body weight (among other factors). Obviously, the faster you go the more you’ll burn, so intensity plays a big role here. If you run instead of walk, you can expect to burn about 230 calories in 20 minutes going at about 10 kilometers per hour.

Rowing machine: You can get a great full body workout with a rowing machine. Using the cardio machine correctly, with high intensity for 30 minutes, can blast away 250 to 370 calories.

Weight lifting: In general, lifting weights can burn from 90 to 130 calories, as its major focus is toning and building muscle mass.

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