Don’t get off the couch: 6 exercises you can do from the sofa

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Every now and then, a motivational article or quote will come to us with their ‘get off the couch’, butt-kicking inspiration. But what if you didn’t actually have to get up in order to get some home workouts done?

You can (believe it or not) mix your leisure time with exercise; still doing the things you enjoy after a busy day, while being more than a couch potato. Be it television, music or reading a book; physical activity and soft training can be done while your mind is otherwise occupied.

Couch Workout Übungen

The couch bike
Sit on the edge of your couch, with enough room to lean backwards and lift your legs. Notice that - in order to maintain stability - you are already working your core. Now perform the spinning motion of a bicycle as if you were pushing imaginary pedals.

Couch dips
Sit down on the floor/carpet with your back to the couch. Place your hands with the thumbs pointing inwards and get the elbows in line with your shoulders. Lift your body up and sit back down slowly.

Grabbing toes
Sit on your couch and stretch your legs in front of you. Alternating between them, try to grab your toes without bending your legs.

The comfortable plank
Lay sideways and lift your core leaning on one arm. Keep that pose for as long as you want and repeat on the other side.

The push-ups
Stand up against the back of the couch about two steps away. Lean forward keeping your legs stretched, bend your arms, pushing them back to an upright position and repeat.

Leg Stretch & Lunge
Stand in front of the couch. Place one leg on the floor and on the couch. Bend the knee of the supporting leg in a deep lunge and rise back up. Repeat for the other side.

Posted in Fitness