Fancy skipping your workout? Here’s 7 motivators to keep you on track and in the gym

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Lost your exercise mojo? A long day at work or a severe case of bad weather can easily scupper your plans for a workout: it doesn’t take much for us to lose our motivation to hit the gym and get our weekly dose of exercise.

If you’re tempted to ditch the training, in favour of curling up at home with your favourite film while nursing a generous glass of vino, we’ve got plenty of motivators to keep you on track:

1. The endorphin kick. One of the best reasons to exercise - you’ll feel ten times better post workout, as a rush of endorphins flood your body, triggered by the brain in response to the stress and pain of exercise. You’ll be on cloud 9 as you leave the gym, wrapped up in a euphoric glow that’ll last all day.

2. Keeping your hard work in tact. It’s easy to fall out of routine (and shape) when you bid adieu to your regular workout. Lengthy stints between exercise will eventually chip away at your fitness level, which you have worked so hard to achieve. You can lose up to 50 percent of your hard-earned fitness gains in a single week of inactivity, according to coach Pete Magill. A chain reaction throughout your body will occur, leaving you unable to push yourself as much as you used to.

3. Focus on your goals. You’ve set yourself a challenge, whether to improve your general fitness, keep your body healthy, or shed a little unwanted weight. Keeping that etched in your memory is the key to staying on track. Leave reminders for yourself, maybe a post-it-note on your mirror or a message on your kitchen chalkboard, of what you have achieved so far and what challenges you have yet to tackle.

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4. Dream of your post-workout reward. Whether it's a good long soak in the bubbliest of baths, a heavenly massage or a gorgeous new exercise outfit: with blood, sweat and tears gone into reaching your hard earned goals, you deserve to treat yourself (as long as it doesn’t undo all your hard work - put that cream cake down!).

5. Feel the beat. Music is good for the heart and soul, particularly when exercising, so make a motivational playlist to get you pumped up and ready to face your workout - the right set of upbeat tunes will have you raring to go.

6. Strength in numbers. Join fitness classes or running groups if your motivation if wavering - with your comrades by your side, sweating it out alongside you, you can reach and maintain your goals beyond whatever you deemed achievable. Plus, you’ll be less inclined to cancel when you have your workout buddies depending on you turning up.

Don’t go home! As tempting as it is to bundle yourself straight back to the warm, welcoming clutches of your house, it makes it all that much harder to go back out again to exercise. Try taking your workout gear with you and head straight to the gym from work - removing the temptation to skip it.

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