Five Reasons Why You Should Do Your Fitness Training With Friends or With Your Partner

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Doing an exhausting fitness training session alone can be really hard. On the other hand, doing it with a partner opens up a whole new world of motivation.

For example, a fitness training partner can help you not to give up and to reach your goals – even though they may seem a long way off at first.

Here are five good reasons for doing fitness training with a partner:

1. No more lame excuses

Fitness training with a partner gives you important extra motivation. Why this is the case is quite obvious: it would be embarrassing to cancel the date with your friend. If there are no witnesses, it’s much easier to think up lame excuses. Don‘t leave your partner in the lurch, because you, yourself and your fitness reap the benefit.

2. More fun training

Funny situations only become really funny when you’re with a partner who shares your sense of humor. You can also avoid frustrating situations, if you help each other with new exercises or equipment. If you take it in turns to train, one of you can also dish out the latest gossip or hot topics. And: after your fitness training session, you can give each other moral support and celebrate your successes – in moderation, of course.

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3. Go beyond your limits more easily

When you feel close to giving up, a fitness training partner is all the more important to help you rebuild your confidence. Sporty competition during fitness training also makes you try harder. This of course works best if you and your partner are on a similar level of fitness – then both of you get more out of it.

4. Avoid boredom

With a friend at your side, there’s also no chance of you getting bored during your fitness training. Time flies by and you reach your goals more easily, without constantly looking at your watch or your fitness tracker.

5. Burn more calories

Research has shown that women burn around 40 more calories during an average fitness training session when they train with a friend, compared with training alone (236 compared with 195).

Company is not only good for you during fitness training – when you eat with friends, you’re also not tempted to gobble down something unhealthy in a hurry. And cooking together is always the most fun. By the way, there are now apps which can substitute the presence of a partner, by making you part of an online community. In MyFitnessPal for example, there is a nutrition diary that your friends can also read.

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