How to make your better half a better trainer

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Your quality time together can be more than just sharing meals or going to the movies, so why not create a schedule to be active together at the gym? Studies show that having someone to work out with increases motivation and reduces the chances of missing a training session.

Here are our top tips for working out with your other half:

Get involved

Make sure you’re actually asking him/her to get involved in your training, not just guiding you. Support happens the most when you can have someone who doesn’t only watch you run but actually runs with you. Choose exercises where you need each other or where healthy competition is needed - as an added way of keeping it interesting.

Check your posture and overall safety

Be sure to pay attention to the form of the exercise, not allowing fatigue to take over the way you perform. This will make your exercise safer.

Track evolution

Ask him/her to help you track your progress - you’ll be free to focus on what you’re doing but you’ll still have access to that motivating data showing all your accomplishments.

Training routine for your partner workout

Legs and bottom
Kneel down back to back. Try to move in a clockwise circle and repeat to the other side once the circle is complete.

Both lay on your backs and lock your feet together. Perform crunches either alternately or simultaneously.

Sit down and ask your partner to pull you up using alternate arms. To add extra strength to the training go from sitting to laying down before the pull.

Plank together. Facing each other, raise alternate arms to clap hands with your partner.

Posterior stretching
Stand with your backs together. Bend forward and grab your partner’s knees. Alternate.

Posted in Fitness