How You Can Also Keep Fit in the Urban Jungle with Workouts and Training

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In the city, the inviting surroundings for an active summer vacation may well be missing – such as mountains to climb or the sea to swim in. But in the city, you can easily and conveniently keep fit while on vacation too, by doing training and workouts – and by no means just in the hotel gym:

Tip #1 for your City Training: Cool Running

Whether in parks or on pavements: cities offer joggers a host of alternatives. You can thus combine your sightseeing tours with your training and keep yourself fit on vacation at a bargain. Some cities actually offer this kind of jogging tour with a guide for tourists.

Tip #2 for your City Workout: Big City Boot Camp

People who aren’t satisfied with just a bit of jogging around, will also easily find what they need in the city, as in summer, many cities offer fitness enthusiasts individually bookable boot camps – with lots of hard training and demanding workouts. You’ll also quickly get to know new people and maybe even acquire a base for your next vacation – and of course, you’ll get a particularly intensive workout.

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Tip #3 for your City Training: The City as an Urban Gym

The “urban gym” is a new trend. This involves making the city your sports hall, which you run through, stopping at specific points to do pre-determined workouts. This is perfect for your summer training during your city vacation and you’ll get to know the city in another way, while you keep active and fit.

Tip #4 for your City Workout with lots of Action: Parkour

Beware: Not for softies! Parkour is increasingly establishing itself, growing from a niche sport into a mainstream activity. Obstacles are there to be overcome. It involves jumping around a lot throughout the city, in the summer too. Over park benches and away, or down steps – you inter-react with your surroundings in sporting fashion and constantly overcome barriers – both real ones and your own personal ones. But don’t get too daring, or instead of doing healthy workouts and training, you will risk injuring yourself.

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