Special Workout: Back to Back

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The posterior area of the body (that rises from the buttocks to the neck and shoulders) is a set of several muscle groups. These muscles bear the head and protect the trunk, providing flexibility and allowing different bending, twisting and extending movements. From the latissimus dorsi that provides the V shape from the hip to the shoulder blade, to the trapezius that extends from the scapula (shoulder blade) to the occipital bon eon the base of the skull.

Working these muscles can help prevent the common back pain. Following headaches, back pain seems to be the most common type of pain in adults and even though some of the causes are related to specific diseases, others can be prevented. Stretching and exercising properly as well as maintaining a correct posture can go a long way in preventing back pain.

To exercise your set of back muscles this is a simple workout that can be done at home. For best results and expert advice visit your Club and learn all about the right gym machines and specific exercises for you.

Simple back routine

Pelvis uplift
This exercise helps to release the pressure from your spine and stretches the lower back (and gluteal). With your feet hip-width apart lift your pelvis upwards and hold it for a couple of breaths. Bring your bottom back down, in a slowly and controlled motion. Repeat x 15.

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Pelvis uplift with extended leg
Repeat the previous exercise but hold each leg up alternatively for a couple of breaths (or counting a couple of seconds). Repeat x 10/ leg.

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More than just an exercise to tone your back muscles this will also work your posterior chain, including your calves and upper traps. This exercise contracts the inner spinal muscles and promotes stability and strength in lower back muscles. Use weights to help bring more resistance and increase the effort. With straight knees and aligned back, bend forward at the hip and contract your muscles to come back to an upright position keeping extended arms at all times. Repeat x 15.

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Reverse snow angels
Face down on the floor and rest your forehead on the ground. With your arms stretched along your body with palms facing down. Slowly and controlled motion bring your arms extending them all the way around until they are over your head and bring them back to the starting position having your shoulder blades touching each other. Repeat x 15.

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This yoga pose needs you to lie on your stomach and rest your chin on the floor. Extent your arms forward and raise your head. inhale and contract back, core, bottom and leg muscles, bringing your feet together and upwards. Hold for a couple of seconds and exhale coming back. Repeat x 10.

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