Special Workout Tips for your Legs

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If you’re looking for more immediate results, check out our exercise plan designed to tone, define and build each leg muscle.

This workout is built to maximize fat loss while toning and defining leg and glute muscles - we recommend referring frequently to these exercises once or twice a week.

For optimal results you should talk to your club’s experts who can not only guide you, but help you design specific plans according to your needs and goals.

There are three gluteal muscles in the body: maximus, medius and minimus and they are better worked with a weight and strength combination. With intensity and persistence, there are exercises you can do on your own, with no extra equipment.

No other exercise will demand the same complete set of muscles as squatting, especially when you consider all the variations (standing aligned, one foot in front, with and without weights). Due to the demand squatting makes on your body, these exercises should be performed in the first part of your workout, as to make the most of your strength while you’re still fully energized and fresh.

Complete repetitions, going deep to the floor, to ensure all muscles are involved. Hip-lift progressions with extended legs also demand your muscles to respond while relieving the tension from your lower back.

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Quads and hamstrings
When you workout your quads you exercise four different muscles and when you exercise your hamstrings, you are putting effort into three posterior thigh muscles and tendons. These are very large muscles so working with the right equipment can prove to be the shorter road to reach your goals.

Performing repetitions of step-ups on a bench (with or without weights) or alternating lunges (with or without dumbbells) will demand your legs to support and lift your body weight.

The adductors (or inner thigh muscles) are easier to work with the aid of specific gym equipment, such as the leg press adductor machine. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get results on your own. You can chose to perform lateral lunges with a kettlebell or side plank with leg tuck exercises to focus on your inner thigh.

Calves are usually well exercised, as you demand effort from them in everyday activities, such as each time you climb a set of stairs. To workout your calves, you can perform single-leg calf raises or any exercise that demands repetitions such as standing with your feet flat on the floor and up to standing on your toes.

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