Together Strong - Workout for Couples

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Working out with a partner gives you a whole host of advantages, particularly in terms of motivating each other. As we already know, lots of things are easier when there are two of you, and when one of you is having an off-day, the other can give him or her extra encouragement. The element of friendly rivalry should also not be undervalued, because achieving your goals is an even more intensive experience with a partner, who is then spurred on even more.

By doing the following exercises in pairs, you will not only be able to achieve the best training results, but also have lots of fun together in the process.

Squats with Back Support

For the first workout, stand together back to back. Link your arms together with your partner’s arms, at the elbow. Your feet should be placed apart, a little more than shoulder’s width. Lean forward slightly, from the hips upwards. Now go down together into a deep squat, until your knees are bent at right angles. Then push yourselves upwards, back into the starting position. Ideally, you should plan four sets of 15 repeats.


“Screwdriver” Turns

From the same starting position – back to back – you can then start our second exercise. Position yourselves a little further apart, and hold a medicine ball weighing around three kilograms in your hands. Then turn to the right, to hand over the medicine ball to your partner. Proceed with the exercise, so that you take turns continuously. Your knee should be slightly bent while doing this; your torso, however, should be stable and kept straight, especially during the turns, which is particularly good for your abdominal muscles. Ideally you should plan four sets of 20 repeats.


Dual Triceps Dips

For the third exercise you will need a chair. One of you should put the flat of their hands on it, with elbows pointing backwards, and with the knees bent. The training partner sits in the same position, but with the flat of their hands on the partner’s knee. Now bend your elbows, while leaning your torso forwards. Then go back to the starting position, and stretch out your arms. Ideally you should plan four sets of 12 repeats.


Lunges with a Ball

For this last exercise, position yourself opposite your partner, so that you are standing face to face. You should stand firmly on the whole sole of one foot placed forwards, while resting the other on the ball of the foot. One partner now makes a lunge forward with their right leg, while the other partner does the same with their left leg. While doing this, you can both hold a medicine ball in your hands in front of your torsos, ideally one which weighs three kilograms, in order to synchronize your movements. Then you both perform a deep squat. Go down into the squat, until your leading knee is bent at right angles. Your rear leg supports the movement with the knee bent, and then you both return to the starting position. Ideally you should plan two sets of 15 repeats for each leg.


After you have completed this workout program for the first time, you can then repeat it once or twice – depending on how fit you are. Have fun with your training, and do not forget to drink plenty of still water.

Dimos Karatzas
Gym Manager

Posted in Fitness