Top 4 Exercises with Power Bags

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The term “Power Bag” covers a series of bags of different sizes with varying grips, which increase their variability of use. The surface of a Power Bag is made of a waterproof material with soft cushioning underneath. The interior mostly comprises loose material – normally sand – which provides the actual weight load. There are also Power Bags filled with fluid, in order to provide different weight loads.

One of the important factors in using a Power Bag, is the inclusion of balance and the aid to stabilization. Because the filling moves, your body is repeatedly required to maintain its balance. Your muscles tense up and are constantly ready for action. In this way you can also train muscles which you did not even know you had before. The main advantage is that the inclusion of the musculature also improves the function of the spine – it is strengthened and protected.

Here are our Top 4 Power Bag Exercises for you, which you really should try out, by using them you can have immediate success and put your training on a whole new level:


An excellent exercise, which focuses on the leg muscles. It also helps you to increase your physical strength and accumulate more core strength. The primary target of this dynamic movement is to achieve a perfect core training.

power_bag_übungen_1 power_bag_übungen_1a

Routine: Put the Power Bag in front of you and do a classic deep squat, then jump up energetically. Repeat this procedure. Do 3 sets of 20 squats. Take a one minute rest between sets.

Energy Market

This exercise simulates the classic version of power, which you can achieve using barbells and enhances your basic training.

power_bag_übungen_2 power_bag_übungen_2a

Routine: Begin in a squatting position. Holding the Power Bag on the floor with both hands, begin to stand up. Bring the bag up towards you with a flowing movement in order to raise it over your head. Hold this position and then slowly lower the Power Bag again to the floor, repeat the movement from a squatting position. Do 3 sets of 10 repeat exercises. Take a one minute rest between each set.

Forward Lunge with the Power Bag behind your back

power_bag_übungen_3 power_bag_übungen_3a

Routine: The basic position is standing normally while you hold the Power Bag behind your back, at the shoulder. Move one step forwards with a lunge and try thereby to maintain an upright position. Swap legs, in a series of 3 sets of 20 repeat exercises. Take a one minute rest between each set.

Turning the Power Bag in a sitting position

You will appreciate how this exercise focuses on the stomach area soon after you begin. The transverse stomach muscles must really get to work to carry out this exercise.

power_bag_übungen_4 power_bag_übungen_4a

Routine: Start in a sitting position and hold the bag in front of your chest. Turn energetically from side to side, emphasizing on the change in direction. A simpler version of this exercise is to keep your legs on the floor. It gets more complicated when you let your feet swing in the air. Turn from side to side for 30 seconds, in 3 sets. Take a one minute rest between each set.

The Power Bag is a perfect means to extend the functional scope of your routine training. Give it a try and enjoy the swift results – but ensure that you select the appropriate weight. Our trainers would be glad to help you find the right weight for you. And if you need some more cool exercises to challenge yourself take a tour to our tips on how to get you fit for winter vacation!

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