Which group classes can help you lose weight?

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We’ve got good news for you. The days of ‘no pain no gain’ are over, as the evolution of fitness solutions embraces fun, energizing classes that help you get where you want - without making you miserable.

If you want to have fun and still lose weight here are the classes you can choose to take at your Club - and an idea of how many calories you’ll burn in each.

Please note, these are estimated values for healthy individuals and the calories you burn will ultimately depend on your fitness level, weight and the overall intensity of the class.

You’re definitely hitting the mark with this high intensity class. Each one-hour session can help you burn from 500 up to 800 calories.

Air Fit
Jumping to the right song with the encouragement of your trainer can lead you to burn about 450 calories. A fun energized activity that can take you to even ‘higher’ goals.

This is probably the most iconic mix of fun and fitness. In this Zumba-tastic event, you’ll be able to boost your energy and lose an average of 500 calories per class.

Your heart will be racing and your legs will try to keep up in this intense class that can lead to a 700 calorie burn if you take it to its peak.

A class designed to take a smooth approach to fitness that will guarantee you results while keeping you motivated and full of team spirit. Each class will notch up about 200 calories, leaving you feeling refreshed and balanced.

450 calories are what you can expect to blast while enjoying your speedy, energized X-celerate class. You’ll be going fast and the results you aim for will be coming faster.

Made in Brazil
Designed for toning and defining muscles, with a high focus on legs and bottom, MIB will burn on average 250 calories.

This is a class for those who seek high intensity and pushing boundaries. When you shout your accomplishments after this class you’ll be doing it with 650 fewer calories.

Pilates or Yoga
These classes are not designed for weight loss but you’ll be losing calories nonetheless. Muscle burn, allied with strength and intensity in the movements, can result in an average of 140 to 300 calories, depending on the individual class. Power yoga allows you to lose those 300 calories in half an hour, while hot yoga could burn burn an astonishing 1000 calories per hour.

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