April Fool's Day - Fitness myths that are just lies

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april fools day fitness myths lies Holmes Place

There are so many unwritten rules, mottos, sports jargon and false advice on the internet that it’s hard to know what’s the truth when it comes to fitness. Read the facts on exercise myths and be nobody’s April Fool.

You’ve listened to fitness advice from everybody - from misinformed colleagues to know-it-all Twitter users - so much so that you now don’t know whether a lunge or a lie-down is best for you. 

There’s so much advice out there that it’s no surprise that we become confused and deflated when all the tips and hints still aren’t helping us reach our physical potential. Cover your ears to the false beliefs and well-spread myths - here are the facts on what is and isn’t factual in fitness. 

Myth one: “No pain, no gain”

This has got to be by far the most overused, unsubstantiated training cliche of all time, utilised to the hilt by body builders worldwide and you guessed - it’s unfounded. Think about it, if this statement was true then nobody would ever see any ‘gained’ results after every painless workout or sport. There’d be no results from yoga, aqua aerobics or less vigorous sports either. However, if you do feel pain while exercising it’s advisable to speak to a health professional or Holmes Place personal trainer who can look into better advise for you.The pain which could be something simple such as not getting into the right position however never be complacent. 

Myth two: Always stretch before a workout

Not necessarily correct. While it’s important to have ligaments and tendons which are flexible, static-stretching can make them weaker and cause a person to be unsteady. Swap static for dynamic stretches, which encourage the muscles and tendons to stretch while the body is moving, rather than when the body is rigid. This will boost your range of motion and improve body awareness.

Myth three: Lifting heavy weights creates bulk

Again, unfactual. Lifting heavier weights can cause the opposite result and produce less muscle bulk. Working with lighter weights while increasing the repetitions has produced a better outcome for many. 

Myth four: The best time to workout is in the morning

This is as true a fact as it’s practical. How many people really have the energy, availability, opportunity and mojo to go straight from slumber to sport? The truth is that we should workout when is suitable for us, when it feels the right time to exercise and preferably when we have the energy to do so. Your body will tell you. Nobody is going to reach their full potential when they’re too tired or can’t focus on any other matter other than the working day ahead. However, if you do find mornings the best time to exercise then research shows that AM workouts can help towards fat burning and weight loss.

Myth five: You can become out of shape in two weeks

It’s a myth - it only actually takes one week for muscle tissues to start breaking down. You might have thought you were becoming paranoid thinking that you look less toned after one week of missing your regular workout. In reality, your muscles really are losing their density and will be eventually deconditioned. 

Myth six: Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day

Your mother doesn’t lie - or does she? You and many generations of family before you have fallen for this myth, which was actually the creation of one clever businessman in 1917 - Dr John Harvey Kellogg. Yes, possibly the largest profit-maker from breakfast cereals ever. New research by the British Medical Journal reports that those who eat breakfast consume more calories throughout the day. Yes, we’ve all been had.

Find the expert that can guide your fitness journey and knows the difference between fact and myth. april fools day fitness lies Holmes Place

Posted in Lifestyle and tagged Fitness, Lifestyle , Lies , April Fools.