Raw Food: Healthy Nutrition Delights – Just Like Paradise

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Summer is the perfect time to switch to raw foods - even if it’s just as a diet. Have a raw food month, for example, and experience just how natural nature can taste – without any additives. Get back to the roots of healthy nutrition, in a really harmonious way and top up with fresh energy reserves – here’s how:

Healthy nutrition is much easier in the summer – and not just when you’re on a diet.

Hot, fatty food – hardly anyone wants to eat it in the summer anyway. When temperatures rise, the body develops an increasing desire for a fresh, refreshing diet with high water content to compensate for the heat. This makes it the ideal time to change to raw foods – even if it’s only for a temporary diet, when you want to detox, for example.

Raw Food Diet – Back to the roots!

A raw food diet is all about experiencing food in its original form, just like our ancestors did: not industrially processed, not cooked or changed in any other way. This means you focus on the essentials, which of course you can also apply to other areas of your life. Pure nature is also healthy, as important nutrients are often lost during the treatment and processing of foodstuffs.

Supporters of raw foods even believe that when dishes are heated, toxins are released, which could damage our health and hinder the digestion and processing of the food we eat, for example, because the amount of vitamins and antioxidants are reduced. However, this has not been proven scientifically.

Rohkost Diät Ernährung Salat

Healthy nutrition: Vegan, fish or meat?

It’s up to you when you change to a raw food diet whether you follow a vegan, vegetarian or a meat-based diet when you change over to raw food. For example, tartar or sushi can be varied in many ways for fish and meat. But they should only constitute less than 10 % of your diet – and for pregnant women, the rule still applies: avoid raw meat and raw fish to avoid endangering your baby’s health. At least cooking has one advantage in that it destroys harmful bacteria.

Organic quality is especially important for your raw food diet.

You must make sure you buy organic, quality produce to avoid consuming unfiltered pesticides, fertilizer or other harmful substances. If possible, buy only fresh, regionally harvested products that don’t have to be specially treated for lengthy transport routes. This will mean that your healthy raw food diet will taste even better and be unbelievably healthy, while you lend sustainable support to your regional economy.

Raw Food Diet: Fresh and quick to prepare.

One big advantage of a raw food diet is the time you save in preparation. This gives you more time to enjoy nature and the sun with your family, especially during summer. You can still go on cooking creatively, but now your food processor, juice machine and other kitchen machines will take precedence, rather than your oven. Otherwise, a sharp knife, a wooden chopping board and fresh water to wash your raw food are all that you need. Rice and other cereals should be soaked overnight first, to make sure that they are easily digestible.

Even if not all of your healthy nutrition consists of raw foods, you should go without processed products completely during a short detox phase. In any case, your daily diet should comprise at least 85% of fruits and vegetables – then it’s easier to change over to a healthier and more natural raw food diet.

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