Supplements and what they do - Whey, BCCA, Collagen, Amino Acids

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Here are some of the main supplements and what they do, improving your nutritional intake and having a positive knock-on effect on how you exercise​

Despite our best efforts to eat a healthy variety of food, your body can still feel short-changed when it comes to getting the nutrients it needs. And while it would be lovely to keep our fridges stocked full of the latest superfoods, it isn’t a very realistic option for most of us. 

That’s where supplements come in. They can help you to overcome certain deficiencies that may be present in your diet (such as a lack of protein) and improve your nutritional intake, having a positive knock-on effect on how you exercise, too. Sound good? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular supplements and how they can benefit you.


If you want to boost your protein intake without having to devour multiple sirloin steaks each and every hour, certainly don’t overlook the wonders of whey. 

Probably the most popular and commonly used supplement around, whey is a milk-based protein with numerous positive properties. It’s mostly used by gym-goers looking to build lean muscle mass, but can also aid weight loss by curbing hunger pangs and has been proven to lower cholesterol, too. 


You’ve probably seen the letters BCAA before, but what exactly do they mean? Well, BCAA stands for ‘branched-chain amino acids’, which might sound completely uninteresting, but trust us when we say they’re highly important. 

There are 20 amino acids found in the human body, nine of which are classed as ‘essential’ and which can’t be made by the human body alone - instead, they need to be obtained from your diet. Of these nine essential amino acids, only three have a ‘branched-chain’ chemical structure, which we now know as BCAA. 

So what do BCAAs do exactly? The answer is thankfully a lot easier to explain: they can help increase muscle growth, reduce muscle soreness and help combat the fatigue some of us feel after exercise.

Amino acids

But what about all those other brilliant, non-essential amino acids? Don’t worry, they’re just as important, even if our body can produce them on its own. 

Amino acids are best described as the building blocks of protein. Much like a wall without bricks, a body without amino acids simply wouldn’t work as intended. It’s only natural, then, that some of us want to make sure our bodies have enough amino acids to help us build muscle, aid fat loss and ensure we’re firing on all cylinders no matter what the day brings.


Collagen is found in our muscles, bones and primarily, our skin. It’s what gives the body’s largest organ its elasticity and it also helps to replace dead cells. However, your body’s collagen production gradually declines the older you get, leading to saggy skin, wrinkles, and aches.

Collagen can be obtained from many food sources, but supplements can help kickstart the fight against joint pain, strengthen teeth and nails, reduce cellulite and stretch marks, and improve your skin and hair. 

Boost your body

Though the best source of vitamins, nutrients and minerals ultimately comes from the food we put into our bodies, it’s clear that the right supplements can help us achieve the perfect balance. For more advice, contact one of our Holmes Place experts.

Posted in Nutrition and tagged Supplements, BCAA, Amino Acids, Collagen, Whey, Nutrition , Training.