The hidden calories in your favourite Christmas treats and our favourite healthy alternatives

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Christmas - what a wonderful, overindulgent time of year. With plenty of celebrations, parties and festive activities, it’s easy to fall off the healthy bandwagon and partake in bad habits. In fact on Christmas day alone, we can consume up to 7,000 calories.

To stay in shape but still indulge in festive flavours, cut the calories with healthy alternatives to your favourite Christmas treats.

Christmas pudding
The star of the show post-turkey, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the magnificent pud. But with one-eighth of a Christmas pudding containing more than 350 calories and 50% of your daily sugar on average, the festive staple isn’t so joyful when you cast an eye over the product’s details.

The alternative: Sugar, grain, dairy and gluten free, health food gurus Hemsley + Hemsley have formed a Christmas pudding recipe that is less sinful but still super tasty.

Mulled wine
It’s a wonderful time of year when you can crack open an aromatic bottle of mulled wine, full of fragrant herbs and spices. The drawback? One small glass (120ml) can contain 190 calories.

The alternative: A glass of red still feels wintery and festive, but contains fewer calories and sugar. Plus, red wine is brimming with antioxidants - a big fat tick for your heart health.

This traditional German bread-like cake has become a hit across the globe, thanks to its wonderful flavours. But just one slice of this rich festive dessert can add 185 calories on average to your daily intake.

The alternative: Juvela has whipped up a gluten-free version of stollen for a less starchy Christmas sweet treat.

Kalorienbomben Weihnachten

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the aromatic waft of freshly-baked gingerbread. But a quick glance at its nutritional information tell us that one solitary gingerbread man (42g) can on average contain 180 calories and a heap of sugar.

The alternative: Pinch of yum have reimagined the classic gingerbread man to create a healthy gingerbread muffin, containing no refined sugar - it’s a Christmas miracle!

Yule log
Utterly delicious and a perfect alternative to Christmas pudding, the traditional yule log is a magnificent chocolate creation. Rich and sweet, one slice can on average contain up to 300 calories and more than 40% of your daily saturated fat.

The alternative: Chocolate is banished, with a healthy cranberry orange yule log taking its place, thanks to the creative geniuses at The Healthy Foodie.

One of Italy’s finest imports, the festive delicacy is bursting with vanilla, citrus and candied fruit. One slice of buttery panettone on average contains more than 300 calories and more than 25% of your daily sugar.

The alternative: The minds at Spark People have recreated the Italian festive staple for a low-fat, lower calorie and lower-sugar version that your waistline will thank you for.

Hot chocolate
This winter warmer is a firm favourite for those with a sweet tooth, but due to its chocolatey nature, it isn’t so good for our health. Packed full of sugar, one hot steaming mug of cocoa can contain up to 400 calories - and that’s not including whipped cream.

The alternative: DeliciouslyElla has crafted an alternative recipe, opting to use superfood ingredients bursting with health benefits, but still maintaining its tasty, indulgent flavour.

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