Der ultimative Ostereier Soundtrack – Wenn versteckte Titel zu Hits werden!

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Easter eggs

When you read the word 'Easter Eggs', you probably first think of your childhood. Traditionally, real hard-boiled and decorated eggs were hidden in the house or garden, and the children went in search until they found the last one. The hard-boiled eggs became chocolate eggs and nowadays 'Easter Eggs' have an even more modern meaning. Easter eggs are called elements hidden in a piece of art, a video game or a music CD.

We went on a digital Easter Egg hunt! There, we rediscovered many great songs that will make you wonder why so many famous artists have decided to hide them. Although they are "only" Easter Eggs and B-sides, still they are songs that we should not forget. And above all, it's just the right music to work out in the gym. This soundtrack contains old pearls as well as recent hits - from The Roots to The Clash, from Wilco to the legendary Beatles, and from The Smiths to Pearl Jam.

It starts with the Easter Eggs: songs that were hidden on records and then became big hits. Next, let's look at the B-sides - a small but precious collection of our favorite pieces of jewelery released as B-sides. Hats off, Beatles!

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