It’s Oktoberfest time! Here’s how to stay fit celebrating the world's biggest beer event

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Who’d have thought, what started as a wedding celebration for Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria more than 100 years ago, would become one of the hottest annual parties in the world?

Oktoberfest is nothing short of a dream: giant fairgrounds, huge, cheery crowds and stein after stein of fantastic foaming beer. This year the first barrel is tapped on 19th September and the (more than likely hungover) crowds return to reality on 4th October.

If you can’t make it to Munich for the beer-loving fun and games, here’s how to bring Munich to you (oh, and stay in great shape at the same time).

Beer and fitness? How can it be?

Wait, won’t a naughty booze-marathon mean all your hard work at the gym is worthless? There’s a reason they call it a ‘beer belly’, after all. There are, however, plenty of ways you can enjoy that gorgeous Bavarian brewing and beer culture without it affecting your exercise regime.

In fact, scientists say a beer after working out can be better for the body; retaining more liquid than water.

Moderate beer consumption is actually - believe it or not - good for you, studies have shown. Yes, we mean real medical studies done by professors and not drunken proclamations at the pub.

Benefits of moderate beer consumption:

  • Beer contains essential vitamins (particularly B vitamins), minerals and antioxidants from the raw materials that all contribute to a healthy diet.
  • People who are moderate consumers of beers have a substantially reduced risk of coronary heart disease compared to teetotallers and heavy drinkers.
  • Moderate beer consumption is associated with a reduced risk of type II diabetes, gallstones and even developing Parkinson’s disease.
  • The unique health benefits of hops in beer (used in herbal medicine for years) may help reduce developing cancer and even helps fight obesity.

How much are you loving beer right now? It’s contains zero fat or cholesterol and is low in simple sugars. The ‘beer belly’ in question is simply correlative to those with other behavioural characteristics and poor dietary choices.

Don’t rush off just yet to grab a load of hop-laden delights - let’s make sure you know which beers are best for staying in shape (and which are tastiest) before you get that round in.

Calories in beer

You’ll be pleased to know that one average bottle of Oktoberfest beer can be burnt off with 20 minutes on a bike (uphill), jogging in a pool for 20 minutes or walking up stairs for 20 minutes.

To burn off more before your Oktoberfest party, hit the gym and jog for 20 minutes at 5 mph on a 5% incline. Bye bye, 220 calories. Or why not grab a jump rope? A moderate skipping routing for shed 210 calories in just 20 minutes. Simple - as long as you don’t sink ten steins and a brezel the size of a small child in one night.

The question is, which beer do we choose? There are so many delicious variations to choose from, so here are a few of our Oktoberfest favourites for you to soak up this festival season.

Samuel Adams Oktoberfest
Taste: Sweet, creamy lager blended with five roasted malts and notes of toffee and toast, topped off with Bavarian Noble hops for that beautiful bitter authenticity.
Strength: 5.3%
Calories: 190/bottle

Spaten Oktoberfest Beer
Taste: Munich’s first famous Oktoberfest beer: medium-bodied balance of beautiful malty-sweetness with the perfect amount of hops.
Strength: 5.90%
Calories: 180/bottle

Paulaner Oktoberfest Beer
Taste: One of the most popular beers in Deutschland: clear amber in colour with moderate white head. Toasted malts best described as ‘bready’ with a zesty hoppy finish.
Strength: 5.80%
Calories: 180/bottle

Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier
Taste: Of the ‘big six’ Munich breweries serving at the official Oktoberfest, Hofbräu is the biggest. Crisp, clean brew rich in hops and malt, highlighted by nutty and fruity flavours.
Strength: 6.3%
Calories: 189 calories

There is no other healthy answer to staying fit over the Oktoberfest season, but to eat right, exercise and make sure your calories burned are more than you put in - that is if you’re aiming for weight loss.

With the right exercise regime and a sensible beer head (okay, maybe not that sensible) you’ll have an absolute blast and not feel sluggish post-party. Cheers to that! Or as they say in Deutschland - ‘Prost!’

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