Oh, Oh, OHolmes’s Amazing Fitness Gifts ideas

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Find inspiration in the Holmes Place list of special gadgets and accessories that will make the holidays even happier and the New Year a whole lot healthier.

Track your performance and wellbeing all the time with a wrist companion that does what others don’t. While most gadgets track the amount of steps you take or how long you work out, the Fitbug technology helps you track rest periods to understand what is happening regarding nutrition and sleep. From calorie counting to monitoring sleeping hours, the FitBug is a complete gadget.

Headphone set
Easily and comfortably adapted to the ears, these headphones are designed to allow you to run, jump and exercise without constantly adjusting them. If music is one of your motivators, this is one top gift.

Geschenkideen Gesundheit Weihnachten

Here are some of our favorites:

Designed by a triathlete and marathon runner, these headphones have a ‘twistlock’ system to prevent them from falling, which means exactly that: you twist and lock them inside your ear. Water and sweat proof, they’re ideal for outdoor training.

Designed by these renowned hearing specialists, Etymotic’s in-ear headphones come with different tips, to allow you to personalize your choice for comfort and stability.

Engage in your favorite workout activity in comfort, knowing your headset isn’t going anywhere and you can remain fully alert and can still hear everything you need. Thanks to the way they wrap around the head, they’re ideal for the Club and for multi-tasking, with in-line controller and a microphone that allows cellphone use.

Vivo Barefootwww.vivobarefoot.com
The barefoot concept believes we need to evolve back into a more natural state, where feet are already perfectly designed to function if we let them. Freed from the rigidity of common footwear, Vivo mixes ancient knowledge with contemporary technology to develop shoes in different designs and shapes that are ready for everyday life and suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Super.Natural sweaters and jackets offer complete protection from cold while remaining light and dry. All designs are created from performance materials - perfect for both women and men with active lifestyles.

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