The Barefoot Diaries

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It comprises a taste of the journey undergone by Verity and Stu McLellan, who began building small, natural and precious booklets in the last two years.

The little guides are now on their fifth edition, offering a taste of handwritten travel journals with side notes, illustrations and photography. In a collaborative effort of writers, artists and a variety of creative support, the booklets evoke a sense of community, of which we’re now invited to enter.

The snippets of life’s experiences being shared offer a glimpse on how to maintain balance amidst the troubles of everyday life; worries that push us away from our natural states, change our biological rhythms and create our hectic, busy, fast and violent urban lifestyles.

From poetry to hand drawings, wilderness tips to a ‘make your own’ section, as well as recipes and healthy suggestions, the journal adds onto its own richness with every single piece of content.

Buchempfehlung Barefoot Diaries

Taking the necessary time to really read and learn from the thoughts shared in these lines moves us to understand how others experience this peaceful change. The way they perceive their reality, interact with others and the choices they assume is nothing short of inspiring.

Learning our path in order to go back to a more natural state is a lesson needed for those who wish to regain balance, respect one’s space and time and lead a happier, peaceful life.

Inner calm and satisfaction can be easily achieved in the process of reading The Barefoot Diaries, preferably being barefoot yourself.

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