Why do you gain weight in the winter?

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If eating the wrong things, feeling lazy and under the weather are fruits of the season, try answering these simple questions to get on the right track.

1. Come winter you:
a) Keep going to the gym as usual. My routine is strong!
b) I’m going… but just once a month
c) It’s too cold to leave the house

2. My running shoes are starting to look a bit like slippers:
a) My running schedule is everlasting. I can’t do without it.
b) I still run… but only when I make it to the gym.
c) It’s just not possible. It’s rainy, cold, windy… I’m running to the couch.

3. I’ll just prepare this quick meal…
a) Of a warming vegetable mix soup
b) Of a vegetarian lasagne with green salad on the side
c) Of a large oven pasta recipe with lots of sour cream and cheese

4. During the party season:
a) I ate before I came, so now I’m pretty full… no room for more food.
b) I’m here… so I’ll just grab a bite…. Of everything.
c) Of course I’m ready to eat. What else can you do at a party?

5. When shops, supermarkets and groceries are pushing lots of sweets…
a) I just make a list and stock up on healthy food. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t exist.
b) Candy, chocolates and sweets? I’m just trying a few and saving some for later.
c) All this goodness! Who can resist this? I’m having at least one of each.

6. Another party…. And a tiny drink just for the toast:
a) Alcohol can warm you up but counting the calories in it is warm enough for me
b) Having a few glasses per party. If only I didn’t have celebrations every week.
c) Maybe some wine, a fizzy prosecco, a little cocktail… if the moment presents itself, count me in.

7. Hmm… comfort food:
a) I’ll have it, but I’ll cut the portion size.
b) It keeps me warm and happy so I’m eating it every time.
c) Is there any other type of food in winter?

Mostly A:
Come winter or summer your body benefits from a resolutely disciplined mind. Seasonal weight gain may be common but it’s not getting anywhere near someone who sticks to routine and knows the healthy life hacks like you do. From not shopping when you’re hungry, to sticking to a strict shopping list and making sure you find your way into the welcoming warm gym, you’ll always find the results you want from your choices.

Mostly B:
Warm winter dishes are traditionally higher in fat and the fact that your body temperature rises when eating will provide you a warming, cosy feeling that you’ll just want to maintain. So you end up piling on calories you’d otherwise not search for. The same happens with alcohol - and the fact that there are so many celebrations calling for a glass or two is not helping. You may need to fight your way into the gym but you’ll recognize the benefits and sense of wellbeing once you’re there. Just write down the reasons you love to work out and plan ahead to avoid the traps set out by constant celebrations.

Mostly C:
Like hibernating species, your energy is a fragile precious thing and needs to be preserved, so you’re not going anywhere away from that couch and blanket. You start to eat more quantity and poorer quality, with high calorie choices - savoury or sweet - finding their way into your pantry. You’ll need a motivational boost that must come from within. Avoid being stressed, as it increases hunger hormones and see the amazing things you can do to keep in shape without leaving your couch.

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