Game of Thrones season 7 is here – Tell us your favourite character, we’ll tell you what group class or workout they belong to. Here are our top choices.

Game of Thrones season 7: As the new season premier approaches we offer you a taste of exercise routines and classes that will bring you closer to the plot from the summer isles to kings landing. No winter will be able to stop our workouts designed according to your favorite characters.

See which ones are the perfect match for you and tell us whom would you add to our list.

Cersei Lannister

Crossfit – Gym circuit 

For your style as Queen Cersei, a full gym circuit to burn that energy and leave your thoughts to plot their way is just the right deal. The Cersei workout is an hour of intense fitness with time for abs and crossfit to get you ready to face all those terrible nuisances that request Your Majesty’s attention, like trying to murder pretty much everyone else on the show.

cersei game of thrones workouts

Tyrion Lannister

FloatFit – Pool workout 

If you were missing some sort of ‘crossbow practice’, any target sport would be a good alternative – even frisbees at the beach with the right aim should give you that sense of empowerment. But if the plan is to cross the open water, following the mother of dragons, then you should first train your endurance and balance in the pool with Floatfit.

tyrion game of thrones workout


Jamie Lannister


A Warrior class is right up your alley. Feeling empowered and strong, even if some extra cardio and a combination of weights may come in ‘handy’ (no pun intended… okay maybe a little). Choose a class to really explore your endurance and make sure you’re worthy to don the title of Lord Commander of the Kings Guard. As Jamie knows only too well, there is no better training than the one done with the right support, so a personal trainer would make a great addition to take on the new Game of Thrones season 7.


Daenerys Targaryan


Dragon-keeping is a hard exercise that will keep you in tip-top shape – but it is a little out of our reach. The ‘mother’ could enjoy the heat of the spa in the sauna (just try not to hatch any eggs) after an Antigravity class. This aerial yoga will give you that nice feeling off lying on the back of your dragons and free falling over the conquered territories.

deanerys game of thrones workout


John Snow


Preparing to fight the biggest battle and being Lord Commander of the Night Watch is hard business – and in that bitter cold, warming up with Spartans is a must. Plus, wearing a black, dramatic get-up should intimidate your opponents and ‘white walkers’ while you punch for your space.

john snow game of thrones workout


Sansa Stark


She is always on the move, but with her luck she should probably start running, and keeping her friends close. Joining the running club – practicing both endurance and resistance – is the best way to make sure you have the ability to overcome the hardships… or at least make for it as soon as needed.


Arya Stark

Yoga/ meditation

Controlling your mind with meditation and yoga practice is a must to get by after the experience at the House of the Undying. Playing the game of black and white means controlling your emotions, focusing on the present time and striving to get to a place where you discover happiness and a meaningful life can only be found within yourself… and in this case, also in vengeance, of course, epic vengeance with your sword skills.

Arya game of thrones workout