Returning from holidays isn’t easy but with the right set of mind, we’ll make it. It’s time to get back to your healthier routines. Time to get back to the gym, resume exercising, get the heart pumping and enjoy the active lifestyle you love.

It’s time to run the cardio circuit and to get the blood flowing. Take it to the circuit, keep on singing and celebrating all the nice things, from the last days of summer to the first signs of autumn.

And that’s what matters, to feel the heart pumping and enjoying the good things in life. The right tunes to exercise the heart are right here. This is music with a beat – a heartbeat.

These fast-paced tracks are just made to dance. Move and feel the fun and high energy of doing what we love and reaching our goals. From the most recent releases to some classics, this is our perfect playlist for your cardio circuit at the Club. The right beat to conquer your heart, your hips, and your smile!

Music with a heart beat

Playlist by Tiago Castro

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