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Alles begann im Jahre 1980 mit einem Club in Chelsea, London. In einer Sackgasse gelegen, entwickelte sich der Club zu einem der hochmodernsten seiner Art und erlangte Kultstatus als Allan Fisher, einer der drei Gründer, das Unternehmen übernahm.

beach sand and sea - workout | Holmes Place

How to workout at the beach

This exercise plan can be tweaked and adapted to your goals and overall fitness level. Workout on the go.
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How exercise tells the brain to curb appetite by M.D. Thordis Berger

Hunger is a complex phenomenon. Learn how exercise can help control appetite and how this supports your fitness goals.
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Ultimate Surfing Day Playlist

The ultimate surfing-day playlist is ready for you! Get your headset and board and prepare to hear the sound of the waves and feel the sunshine where ever you go
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Six nifty tips for beginner cyclists

Just starting out on your two-wheeled adventure? From where to buy your bike to the power of padded shorts, these handy tips will pave the way to cycling confidence.
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benefits of fitness: Love your grandparents? Get them to exercise now

You already know that exercise offers numerous benefits for older adults. But how to persuade your grandparents? We’ve got your back.
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Can brisk walking get you in shape?

Not a fan of running? Not a problem. Find out if brisk walking alone can get you into shape

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