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Woman inside gym sports outfit fitness club | Holmes Place

Gewicht oder Umfang – worauf sollte ich beim Abnehmen achten?

Sich auf der Fitnessreise hin zu einer besseren Gesundheit und zu größerem Wohlbefinden die richtigen Ziele zu stecken, ist wie sich den richtigen Urlaubsort auszusuchen. Wonach streben Sie?
beach sand and sea - workout | Holmes Place

How to workout at the beach

This exercise plan can be tweaked and adapted to your goals and overall fitness level. Workout on the go.
group young people active park sports outdoors | Holmes Place

Can brisk walking get you in shape?

Not a fan of running? Not a problem. Find out if brisk walking alone can get you into shape

The ultimate back-to-work workout plan

Here is the workout plan that will get you ready for an impressive return to work this September. Start today.
Holmes Place | Woman in the Gym with Abs

How to Get the Perfect Abs - Fundamental Tips to Get you There

Straight to the core: learn how to target those abdominal muscles for a flat, toned stomach.
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Six nifty tips for beginner cyclists

Just starting out on your two-wheeled adventure? From where to buy your bike to the power of padded shorts, these handy tips will pave the way to cycling confidence.