Late Night Running Summer Playlist

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woman running sunset city outdoors | Holmes Place

There is nothing like enjoying a summer night’s breeze with a liberating run. This is the soundtrack to make the feeling last.

The hot sun has now set, the air is cooler and you just can’t resist going for a run? Get ready to enjoy the night’s breeze with a playlist that will keep you going… and wanting for more. After all, pleasure is in the details and this is how your run gets even Better than Yesterday. 

Late Night Running Summer Playlist 

When you put your snickers on to go running late in the night, you need extra energy. And that extra boost comes from the music to get you in the mood and in the correct rhythm for your exercise. This selection will make you run further and further, and will also make you want to dance along the way.

We begin with X-Wife, the Portuguese best-kept secret. And they will tell you, this game you are getting into is the right one. 

We have a little bit of electronic soul with the amazing voice of Sequin to launch you straight to the masters of hip movers, the Friendly Fires. From there on, it's all about rhythm for your feet and mind, with the likes of Tracey Thorne, Chk Chk Chk or Whites Boy Alive.

Then we find the perfect ending to this late night running playlist with a track that is an Iggy Pop classic, Nightclubbing, to start going just a little bit slower.

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Gepostet auf Playlist and tagged Running , Music, Inspiration, Summer.