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Professionelle Premium Behandlungen direkt in Ihrem Club. Holen Sie das Beste aus sich heraus durch eine exklusive Pflege Ihrer Haut, Body Scrubs, Cleansing Therapien, Laserbehandlungen und Massagen.

aerial yoga antigravity suspension training

Six Reasons to Aerial Yoga

Yoga is renowned for stretching, relaxing and meditation. But the introduction of Aerial Yoga into your routine could help you reap even more rewards, both physically and emotionally.
exercise woman outdoors fitness training Holmes Place

Seven-minute full-body workout

Busy day? Before you even consider skipping your workout, consider this: Seven exercises can tone, tighten and strengthen your whole body in just seven minutes.
 Woman running smile happy outdoors fitness sport Holmes Place

Can half an hour of exercise per day make a difference?

How does daily exercise make a difference? 30 little minutes can help lose weight, reduce stress and the risk of disease, improve your wellbeing and feeling of happiness.
make up eyeliner eyebrow pencil woman mirror detail Holmes Place

Why makeup and workouts don’t work together

Are you one of those people who refuse to leave the house without your daily skin regime and full facial application of makeup? Even when you’re working out? Well, get that remover to hand - here’s why makeup and workouts don’t work.
mediterranean diet table set family meal outdoors sunny day Holmes Place

ABC of Mediterranean Diet

With media and health professionals hailing it the secret to a longer life (and a smaller waist) the Mediterranean diet is increasingly adopted around the world. Knowledge leads to nourishment - so here’s how to get started yourself.
woman river jogging running outdoors playlist soundtrack music Holmes Place

Spring-Time Playlist, let your workout blossom

These songs are the perfect soundtrack for the spring days that now arrive, take it to the club with you or enjoy an outdoors workout. Let your workout blossom inspired by this spring-time playlist.