10 reasons to start your cardio training

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  1. Cardio training strengthens the immune system. Whether it is in the form of jogging, cycling or swimming – regular training will enable your body to generate more cells, which combat bacteria and viruses!
  1. It helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders, because cardio training improves oxygen absorption and strengthens the heart muscles.
  1. Your body's circulation will improve – not only will your oxygen absorption be optimized, the blood supply to your cells will also be increased, thus enabling them to be supplied more efficiently with vital nutrients.
  1. Cardio stimulates the fat burning process and the fat metabolism, making those extra pounds simply melt away!
  1. It affects the level of cholesterol in the body. When the fat metabolism is stimulated, the cholesterol level is also reduced.


  1. The longer you do regular cardio, the more you will improve your regenerative capacity!
  1. It increases your capabilities in all areas of life at every age – in sport, at work, and in private!
  1. It improves your powers of concentration, as it improves the blood supply to the brain.
  1. It makes you happy! No matter which kind of cardio training you do, the body releases a flood of serotonin, the happiness hormone, and exactly, it makes you happy!
  1. Put the balance back in your life! You do not have to listen to your coach's instructions, you can simply let it happen, and just switch off!

Guidelines for all cardio variations generally include the following: Start slowly, but keep doing regular sessions! Ideally, you should plan for three sessions per week, but if you are a beginner you can increase the number slowly at first, one session is better than none!

Start with a sport which appeals to you directly: walking, cycling, running or swimming! The gym is the perfect place to find out which form of training suits you best. Whether you choose indoor cycling, treadmill, or step machine, most important is that you begin, no matter how old you are or how fit you feel, this is something to make you happy and feel great!

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Posted in Fitness