4 exercises to change those bingo wings

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Exercise 1

Turn your back to the chair or step or go into a slight crouch. Arms and feet at hip width, bent your kness with toes pointing upwards. Sraighten your back, abbs tight; retain the right angle! Bend your arms at the elbows and lower your centre of gravity straight down! Don’t move from the chair. Return to the original position while breathing out. Remember to straighten the elbows!
Repeats: do 4 series of 8 repeats.
TIP: for fit people - at the end of each series, try to remain in the default position for 3-5 seconds.

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Exercise 2

Sit cross legged, straighten your back and arms, take one bottle filled with water or a light dumbell. Raise both hands up clasped around the bottle. Your biceps will touch your ears. The movement is very simple - you bend your back and straighten the arms at the elbows. All the time you have your ears covered with your biceps. Throughout the exercise, make sure that your back is always straight and your elbows are on the ears.
Repeats: do 4 series of 8 repeats and hold the final position in each series for longer.

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Exercise 3

Surely you know this popular exercise - classic triceps building for the ladies through push-ups. Plank on your feet (or on your knees if you want to make this exercise easier) and hands. Pull the stomach inwards, thereby preventing sagging shoulders. The palms are face down on the floor, elbows will come in under you to your sides. Lower your center of gravity down and go back to the original position. Breathe and think of the constant reinforcement of the hull!
Repeats: Do 4 series of 8 repeats.

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Exercise 4

Stand upright, feet spread and your knees at hip width. Bend your knees and lean forward slightly. Hold dumbbells or well-filled water bottles in your hands and push your elbows into the body. Subsequently straighten your elbows out and away from the body and repeat. Remember to breathe evenly.
Repeats: Do 4 series of 8 repeats and do a series of 8 small bounces at the end of each series.

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Can you see the difference now? Repeat! And please ask our Personal Trainers for support and advice when you need it. They can tell you more then 10 secrets to a great workout.

Petra Tyrpeklová
Holmes Place Czech Republic

Model: Lucie Adamcová, Personal Trainer

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