5 best trainings for shaped buttocks

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SET 1. Feet together and make a pelvic bridge

30 seconds – on knees and forearms, lift each leg individually back and up towards the buttocks. Hold. You should watch your breathing and keep your back arched. The belly must be paved, head pulled in and spine extended.

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30 seconds - in a laying side position push your hips slightly to the front, breath out and lift your leg up by 45 degrees.

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Repeat each exercise 4 times with a 10-second pause in-between. After a round-minute, pause.

SET 2. Forays into the side and deep squat

30 seconds - From basic position go right leg swipe outward to the side, the tip of extended leg points to three o'clock, the stance leg remaining in the 12th hour. Then change legs and keep tension in your buttocks.

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30 seconds – Squat down from the basic standing position with thighs horizontal to the mat, keep your breathing steady then rise slowly back into a standing position, you should feel the burn in your legs and buttocks.

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Each exercise is with a 10 second pause, repeat 4 times. Pause after each round-minute.

SET 3. Lunge jump-in's

30 seconds - In the basic standing position for the Lunge, bend your right leg, left knee pointing down towards the mat so that it almost touches, then change legs in a jump; repeat.

article_summer_glutes_5 article_summer_glutes_5a

Each exercise is with a 10 second pause, repeat 8x. Pause after each round-minute.

The whole exercise should be finished with a nice session of stretching. So go ahead and get started before summer will fully kick in. Ask our trainers for any extra tips or advice to make your training more efficient. Did you try some of those exercises or are you already having your own workout for a great buttocks? Let us know in the comments below!

Robert Leško
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Czech

Model: Lucie Životská

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