5 Tips for a great TRX workout

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What is TRX?

Like a number of the fitness trends already established before TRX Training, this new concept comes from the USA. In this case, however, it was not sportsmen with a passion for fitness who conceived it. The complete structure of the workout was actually developed by the US Navy Seals, a special unit of the American Armed Forces. The special advantage over classic workouts, is the exclusive use of one's own body weight for the total body workout.

Tips for a Correct Workout

If you decide to use the TRX Suspension Program, you should observe several guidelines:

1.Observation of the Exercise.

Like all workout exercises, beginners especially, should get a trainer or an experienced user to observe their first steps. Even if you are a user with some experience in workouts, you should always get someone to watch your first steps, as this workout functions in a way completely different to that of conventional workouts.

2.Work Steadily Towards Your Target.

At first sight, it looks great for home-users: just pull on a few belts and watch the workout DVD, and you will achieve the build you always dreamed of. It is not quite that simple. Using your own body weight itself, intensifies the workout many times over. Meaning that as a beginner, you should not go through all the exercises on a DVD as fast as you can at the first attempt.


3.Vary how you do Your Exercises.

Another advantage of the TRX system, is that you can vary the exercise simply by changing your posture. For example, bend your arms more, thus bringing muscles into play which are not used with outstretched arms. And this is possible within one exercise.

4.Stick With It!

The fundamental rule applies to every kind of training: overcome your lazy side. Just being able to use TRX, at home should be incentive enough not to give the housework priority over a visit to the gym.

5.Arrange the Length of Training to Suit Yourself

Supplementary to point 4: if you use TRX at home in addition to the gym, you can do a short workout every day, instead of training for several hours, two to three times a week. In this way, you require only 20 minutes per day, for a complete whole body workout.

You should consider this system, especially if you are short of time, whether you are occupied as a manager, or a mother who also has to take care of the housework. It is definitely worth it!

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