6 useful tips for training outdoor

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1.Get suitable equipment: Clothes & Shoes

Dress comfortably and according to the weather conditions for your outdoor activity. You need to wear a cap to keep your head warm when it's cold. If you choose to work out at night, choose light colored clothing and / or reflective colors and materials so as to be visible. The right shoes are important to avoid injuries. With the help of some experienced salesperson, choose the most comfortable sports shoes from a reliable brand. Remember that if you are into running, you should buy new shoes every 700 to 800 km.

2.You should be familiar with the area

This is common sense, but also important for your safety. Before starting any exercise outdoors, make sure you know the area well, the roads, dead-ends and potential risks. Opt for a safe and well-lit area with neat sidewalks or reduced traffic.

3.Keep your body hydrated

Have a bottle of fresh water or your favorite sports drink with you to prevent dehydration. In hot weather, a fruit juice, shake, water and crushed ice is what you need. When exercising, it is best to take small sips rather than large amounts of liquid at once.


4.Make sure you have enough energy

Do not start without having eaten anything. A combination of slow burning carbohydrates with a little protein is ideal, i.e. yoghurt with cereal or fruit with a few nuts.

5.Use a GPS tracker

If you do not have a watch with GPS or other special gadget, “download” an app to your mobile to keep track of your workout and your location at any given time.

6.Do not keep it a secret!

Inform a family member or a friend before going outdoor, indicating where and for how long you will be exercising. Let them know when you return. And Don't forget to keep it fun, healthy and safe!

Spring and summer weather encourage many new outdoor aficionados so feel free to talk to our trainers about recommended routes, parks and popular paths. Or do you already have your own favorite routes and places you go? Let us know in the comments below!

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