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As you may know, doing your cardio before your weight training session, consumes a lot of energy. This is why you should consider those 4 reasons that prove why you should do your cardio workout after the workout session:

1.You will have more energy for your strength training. In fact, doing you cardio workout before will break down your energy and lead to muscular fatigue and lower performance. As a result you will have more difficulties to do muscle contraction during your workout session.

2.You will benefit from favourable hormonal changes; while you’re doing your cardio workout, cortisol is released. It decomposes in the muscle to give your body the necessary continuous flow of energy for your training.

3.For the After Burn Effect. Practicing your cardio after your strength workout session will maximise After Burn Effect. In this case it will be more effective for weight loss because not only you burn calories during your workout, but because the effect will last for a period of 48 hours.

4.Your session will seem more comfortable, the "rate of perceived effort" (degree of difficulty felt) is higher when you do your cardio after your strength workout, even if the results you get from those two routines are identical.

In fact, I would advise first doing your normal cardio routine after your workout session, and then doing the cardio you really enjoy, i.e. swim, bike or run. It would be also a great opportunity for you to join a training group after your weight training session and discover all new possibilities of cardio workout to change your routine. Check the schedule of our classes available in Holmes Place or ask our trainers for advice.

Stephanie Scotto
Studio Business Manager
Holmes Place Geneva, Switzerland

Posted in Fitness