Deadlifting – It’s not just for men!

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The correct way to deadlift for women – What are the advantages?

Deadlifting has several distinct advantages, not only with regard to your muscle building, but also for your general physical fitness. For many people, this topic may conjure up images of muscle-bound men shifting very heavy barbells – this is generally the reason why women shy away from this form of weight lifting, fearing that they could develop muscles which are too big and too manly.

However, this assumption is wrong: Of course you don't start right away with very heavy weights, you graduate step-by-step to a moderate level individually suited to your physique. The purpose of deadlifting should not be to build huge muscles, but rather to strengthen and benefit your whole body effectively. Due to the fact that many different muscles are put to use during this training, among other things, it promotes a healthy and upright posture. In general, a strong basic musculature is incredibly important for everyone, in order to withstand the strains of daily life, without always getting exhausted.

Which muscles are put into use when deadlifting?

First, the whole of your trunk musculature, which primarily comprises the area between your chest and your pelvis, is put into use when you deadlift. Your lower back muscles, hip, stomach and leg muscles will also be well-exercised. Women might be very interested to know, that deadlifting is a particularly effective way to trim the buttocks. Lastly, and importantly, your wrists and arms benefit from the exertion. After all, they hold the long barbell.

If you start deadlifting as a beginner, unfortunately there is a risk that you may make some mistakes, and possibly injure yourself in the process. There are several aspects to which you must pay particular attention – like maintaining an upright posture, keeping your back straight, and breathing correctly. Otherwise you will quickly become at risk of incurring injuries, which in the worst case could put you out of action for some time. Therefore, the best thing is to go through the first exercises with an experienced personal weight lifting trainer at your gym –this way you will certainly be on the safe side.

Deadlifting is a form of training which is fun for many women, and achieves important training goals, without the dreaded bulging muscles. Simply consult one of our Personal Trainers if you are interested in getting individual tips and plans for training. We would be glad to receive your comments, and please do not forget to share this article with your friends and acquaintances if it was helpful for you.

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