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Did you ever hear about TRX? And do you know why you should give it a try? Learn more about this cool new training and refresh your workout routine!

You've probably heard that TRX® is one of the most innovative fitness trends. But what exactly is TRX® and why it is worth incorporating it in your training regime? TRX® is more than a versatile exercise piece of equipment. By using a belt and the weight of the human body, it offers a variety of functional exercises. It is a complete fitness system that includes a variety of multilevel exercises (3D), which are executed using your weight and body resistance (resistance training).

This method improves your physical condition, regardless of your age, sex or fitness level, and aims at increasing your muscle strength, as well as strengthening your joints.

There are numerous benefits!

  1. With a single piece of equipment (belt) and using your body weight everyone can work out, strengthen their core, joints and overall muscle system, developing stability throughout their body. Essentially, it can transform every movement you make into an exercise (total body training).
  2. The ‘core’ is activated in all muscle groups thanks to the functional exercises performed.
  3. TRX® user works out in 3 levels of motion: sagittal, coronal and transverse, using multiple muscle groups simultaneously, in the same way as you do in everyday life!
  4. Anyone can use it! TRX® “works” with your body weight and certain angles, in such a way, that exercise is achieved through balance, while the degree of difficulty can be easily adjusted.
  5. TRX® can be used anywhere, even outdoors!

Posted in Fitness