How to choose your Personal Trainer?

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When you ask this person what is their secret, they answer with a satisfied expression: “I’ve got a Personal Trainer.

There are a lot of people with enough self-motivation and inside drive to be consistent in training each week, but many will agree that working with a Personal Trainer is simply more motivating and more fun. To choose the right trainer you need to know what kind of person you are and what motivates you.

During a training session at the gym you can easily notice a number of Personal Trainers working with clients. If you’re a regular, some of the trainers probably know you by sight. They will be greeting you and smiling. So how do you chose the right one for you?

It’s almost like looking for the perfect partner. Most people are very careful in choosing their spouse. Actually, you should be just as careful when looking for your Personal Trainer. The only difference is that your relationship with the Personal Trainer will not usually last “till death do you part.” But still, you must look for someone with whom you will be able to form an ideal duo. You should make the perfect team to achieve your goals and feel happy and fulfilled.

For this purpose, there are several things to take into account:

1.Personal characteristics:

A Personal Trainer is a person with whom you spend several hours every week; therefore it is essential for this person to be compatible with your character and personality. It is difficult to know if you are going to get on well with a person you have just met, but after your first training session you should realise if this is “It”. For example, if you are cheerful, talkative and also go to the club to socialise, you need to look for a trainer that likes to talk, but also listens to you. The first impression is very important!

Don’t be afraid to change your Personal Trainer at any time, the goal is to inspire you to reach your goals and make sure you receive best service.


2.Professional characteristics:

The person must be a real professional, with years of experience in the area and specialised in all sorts of exercises you want to do. If you practice a sport, you should choose a trainer specialised in the sport in question. In this manner you will achieve your goals much sooner.

But experience is not the only important thing, it is also necessary to take into account that that chosen person should have a vocation to help you and teach you, should be patient and understanding. It is your Personal Trainer who will motivate and encourage you to reach your objectives, who will make YOU the person who will go to the gym enthusiastically.

Therefore, the main characteristics you must look for when hiring a Personal Trainer are:

  • reliability
  • professional attitude,
  • discretion
  • trustworthiness.

The key thing is to know your needs, to have a clear goal, and of course to decide on the level of effort you are willing to put into achieving your goals. Once this is clear, you have done the most important part of the work. Simply ask for guidance in your club and you will be introduced to a trainer that answers your brief. Most importantly, it should be someone with whom you will form a great team.

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Miguel Gonzáles
Fitness Regional Manager
Holmes Place Spain

Posted in Fitness