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To improve your posture there are areas you should focus on when exercising. Building and strengthening your back muscles will provide a more correct sitting and straight standing posture. You will also be less prone to injury when lifting or carrying heavy weights.

Working these muscles can also help prevent the common back pain that often derives from simple bad posture. Following headaches, back pain is often cited as the most common type of pain in adults. Although some of the causes are related to specific diseases, others can be prevented.

How to balance out too much sitting

Driving to work, sitting on transport, spending long periods of time in a chair at the office, even sitting on the sofa relaxing in the evening, sitting is taking up most of our time and it’s having an adverse effect on our health.

Research has shown the harms of sitting for long periods of time and the hours you spent at your desk are now being seen as equivalents of the health harms of smoking cigarettes. So if it is really true that “sitting is the new smoking” there are steps you need to take to make sure you avoid the harm associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Stretching and exercising will ensure a correct posture that can go a long way in preventing back pain and promoting a healthier lifestyle that will also improve the way you look and impact your relationship with others.

The way you present yourself will be changed by these simple exercises to improve posture. Keep referring to them throughout your day so that these correction mechanisms become automatic.

Access your standing pose and understand what needs to be aligned and get started.

Are your shoulders, back head and hips aligned?

If you have a sway back and seem to lean backwards you’ll need to reinforce your core muscles, your external obliques and iliopsoas. To do this, follow this set of exercises:

Exercise ball pull-in

Workout Körperhaltung Pull In Ball

If your head is always forward, almost leaning downwards, you’ll need to work your neck flexor muscles with exercises that allow you to improve neck function.

Workout Körperhaltung Nacken

If you have a tendency to lean forward and push your bottom upwards, in a front inclination, you need to work to strengthen your abdominal muscles and gluteus maximus. See our special workouts for bottom and abs and try these:

Single leg-raise

Workout Körperhaltung Scherenkick


Workout Übungen Körperhaltung Crunches

If you have uneven shoulders and one seems to be more elevated than the other you can correct this by balancing and evenly distributing the efforts you do in your daily movements, such as answering the phone, carrying bags, or lifting things.

If you slouch and your shoulders have a tendency to appear rounded and pushed to the front then you’ll need to strengthen the muscles in your back (see our special workout: back exercises). You can try some of these exercises:

Back fly with band

Workout Übungen Körperhaltung Back Fly Band

Seated Cable Row

Workout Übungen Körperhaltung Rudern Sitzen

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