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How much sport is good for the heart?

The fact that fitness slackers have a higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular disorders has been well-known for a long time. However, according to two current studies, too much sport can actually put a great strain on the heart. The first study comes from the Karolinska University Clinic in Stockholm, while the second study on this topic was carried out by the German Cancer Research Center. Both studies came to the same conclusion: The happy middle is the way to go. Therefore doctors recommend moderate exercise, several days a week.

Alarming: Children hardly get any exercise

A study which compiled data relating to over 25 million children, during the period from 1964 until 2010, concluded: The level of physical fitness of children and young people has clearly decreased. Schools cancel sport lessons, and free time offers few opportunities to take exercise. The study is alarming, as sports scientists maintain that doing sport when you are young is essential for children's positive and healthy development.


Should overweight adults lose weight?

For years it has been the given opinion that overweight adults should lose weight, because being overweight is bad for your health. A study in Vorarlberg, involving 42,000 people, showed over a period of 12 years that people with a constant bodyweight have the lowest mortality rate. This was true, regardless of whether it concerned people of average weight or those who were overweight. Therefore, in general, it makes more sense to devote time to your own physical fitness, than to torment yourself with diets, which often leads to a, “yo-yo effect”.

Dance therapy to combat Parkinson's disease.

Studies in the USA based on evidence prove that dancing has a beneficial effect for sufferers of Parkinson's disease. The music stimulates the brain, and the diversion provided by dancing helps the sufferer to forget their own disease. Research on this subject has now also begun in Germany.

All in all we can conclude: Sports, is and always will be good for your health! You should not overdo it, but in general, sports can have a very beneficial effect on the whole body's physical condition.

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