What are the hot trends in studio classes for fall 2013?

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Ever since fitness has become a lifestyle for many, the range of available fitness activities has expanded with each year. What should you try? What are the must-have recommendations from fitness trainers for the coming fall-winter season? Here are few suggestions:


What form of exercise will strengthen your entire body, improve your stamina and burn excess fat tissue? Piloxing – a new interdisciplinary group sports program, the favorite of Hollywood stars and many others. It combines elements of Pilates and boxing training. The training uses special gloves that allow you to increase intensity and sculpt your arms. The program’s author, Viveca Jensen, is certain every woman can handle Piloxing – even if she hasn’t exercised in a long time. Do you like it and want to try it? http://bit.ly/PiloxingExample

girl kickboxing


Everyone is constantly short of time so fast food and take-out coffee seem like the best choice. Each one of us complains that we’re too busy, but we also want to be thin and in great shape. A perfect solution is HIIT i.e. High Intensity Interval Training. The method works by alternating between short periods of intense effort (90-100% of maximum heart rate - mHR) with longer medium effort spans (60-70% mHR). HIIT is one of the few things that done fast (in about 20 minutes) has health benefits (unlike fast food). The biggest benefit of High Intensity Interval Training is its quick and effective reduction of fat tissue while improving body fitness and natural immunity. This lets you get the body you want and prevent frequent colds or other viral infections, especially during the upcoming fall-winter season. Here you can find an example of HIIT: http://bit.ly/HIITexample



Are you having a tough time getting motivated to work out? Do you like to work out in groups but don’t like crowded afternoon classes? Do you want to train with a group of friends or others with similar goals and fitness levels? Small Group Classes of three to six people are the perfect solution for you. They are a perfect mix of Personal Training with the Motivation you get from a group class. Group motivation, a bit of healthy competition and a common training goal – together we can achieve more! Check out the example of small TRX group class: http://bit.ly/smallgroupExample

The fitness market is growing fast with new activities and ideas constantly on the horizon. Take advantage of this to try the latest innovative solutions. Maybe something that seemed completely not for you, will become your new passion. Feel free to ask our professionals about more details or tell them what new activities you would like to see in Holmes Place and what suits you best.

Lidia Zamyłko
Regional Business Studio Manager
Holmes Place Poland

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