Which Machines Should I use in the Gym to Tone my Buttocks?

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Good training is varied training; one that motivates muscles and involves more and more new muscle fibers. Practice at various levels and don't repeat the same exercises. The muscles get used to different movement patterns. You can try new exercises or diversify by introducing new equipment and positions. Your training will be much more effective. Make sure to warm up before each workout and stretch after exercising your muscles, speeding their recovery. A few simple and effective buttocks training with a use of weights and machines.


Working muscles includes: back (spinal erectors), buttocks, thighs & hamstrings.
Position: feet at the width of the hips, knees remain steady above your feet during the entire exercise! Straight back, pulled and slightly tense stomach.
Movement: lean forward, legs straight (don’t lock your knees), move barbell (or dumbbells) along legs. Arms down, straight, long neck. The movement activates a group of gluteal muscles.

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Working muscles: gluteal muscles (gluteus maximus, minimus)
Position: stand in front of the machine, back straight, belly slightly pulled and uptight. Push backwards at the back of your thigh, between the knee joint and buttock.
Movement: Exhale and move the leg back, stop for a moment and slowly return to the starting position. Don’t let the weights bump – hold your leg's position until the end of the movement. The weight should be tailored to your goals and abilities. We suggest 3 sets of 12 repetitions on each side. The last repetition should be challenging so change the weights to achieve this.

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3.Straight leg abduction

Position: stand straight, facing the lift, support yourself with your hand. Hook one foot in the strap, at the bottom of the lift.
Movement: Move the leg backwards, hold and move back to the starting position. During this exercise, focus on the isometric and concentric work – the moment when you hold your leg still and reverse the movement. You will engage more muscle fibers that way. You can count to two while moving the leg backwards, to four when you hold it back and then count to four again when you reverse the movement. Keep your back straight and your stomach tight.

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If you exercise regularly you’ll see results quickly. We wish you a lot of persistence and motivation! Our instructors on the gym floor will always be happy to help adjust the machines to your needs.

Catherine Krzymień
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Marriott, Poland

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