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What do most women like on men? A solid background!
What do most men appreciate on a women? A nicely shaped background also!

We offer you 3 tips that we have prepared for you to make everybody look at you. Gluteal muscles are not only important from an aesthetic point of view, but their function is a requirement for a good health as well. For the purpose of proper and effective training gluteal muscles are divided into three parts.

The upper part is activated when you work the muscle into a shortened state through certain exercises.

How to do it: back leg lifts!
Various back leg lift exercises can be very effective. But beware of unwanted bending at the loins. Help with the involvement of the abdominal muscles. It will not only stabilize the body for the proper execution of the exercise, but also enhance your belly muscles. Do 15 - 20 lifts x 3 series with 30 sec break.


The lower part is activated when the muscle is loaded in the extended state.

How to do it: outputs, squats, lunges!
Perform the bench outputs, outputs from kneeling, downloads burdening front leg, split squats, deep squats, lunge backs, sally walks, etc. But beware of dominant superiority of the front thigh just above the knee and patella strain. So do not get flesh "over the knee", but straight up instead. Do 15 - 20 repetitions x 3 series with 30 sec break.


Abductor muscle (towing) and external rotators

How to activate them: side leg lifts!
We recommend this in a standing, kneeling, or in lateral support position. Beware of the bow hull and lateral movement of the hips. Do 15 - 20 repetitions x 3 series with 30 sec break.


Try to evenly burden all the gluteal muscles at least three times a week and a perfectly shaped rear end will soon be yours! For more glute exercise ideas, try our Glute Xpress class in Holmes Place clubs or feel free to contact our experts for advice.

Václav Rázl
Personal Trainer at Holmes Place Smíchov, Prague

Photo by Vít živný - Personal Trainer at Holmes Place Karlín Prague
Model: Martina Dostálová - Personal Trainer at Holmes Place Karlín Prague

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