ZUMBA Fever - Get In Shape With Fun and Dancing

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Over the last few years, Zumba has evolved into one of the most popular fitness trends, which in its variety of forms is suited to both young and old.

Zumba, is the registered name for a newly-developed sport concept, which emerged quite by chance in Columbia, at the end of the 90’s, because an aerobics trainer had left his music at home. He simply played the Latin mixtape he had in his car instead. The concept, was thus created there in the late 1990’s. Since then Zumba has become the world’s best-loved dance workout by far, with its hot Latin beats, and its intensive whole body training.

The dynamic step sequences are of course enhanced by the advantages of a group workout, where you will find like-minded participants. Qualified trainers ensure that new and spirited step sequences, inspired by Latin-American dance, are constantly introduced.

During the energetic group workout, you will hardly notice how intensively your body is being trained. This makes Zumba supremely effective for your cardiovascular system, for example. It improves your physical fitness, and results in better circulation throughout the whole body. The flowing, continuous movements will hardly push your muscles to their limits, and they are also gentle on your spine. Zumba, is therefore ideal for men and women over 40 who wish to keep fit and agile.

Above all, Zumba is also terrific fun, and puts everyone in a good mood, as you will find out during your trial session – because Zumba also stands for party time and exuberant celebration – without the World Cup.

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Posted in Fitness