The 3 biggest lies about nutrition

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Due to this sense of insecurity, among other reasons, the nutrition habits of many people seem to be developing in the wrong direction. In order to evaluate claims and theories of this nature, it is not enough to know what protein, carbohydrate and fats are. You should also know about your body's metabolic functions.

1.Eggs are unhealthy. This is just one of many nutritional guidelines which are still stubbornly fixed in many people's minds today. However, if you take a look under the surface, you will find out that this is just another myth, as even the mainstream media now talk about the “cholesterol lie”. Patients have been intimidated for long enough by the threat of unhealthy, high cholesterol levels. In reality, eggs are a biologically complete, healthy and balanced foodstuff. To make a sweeping judgement of eggs is certainly wrong, although if you have a high level of cholesterol, you should consult your doctor, in order to find a happy medium.


2.Sweeping statements concerning fats have also become less common. But doesn't fatty food automatically make you fat? The alleged negative effects of fat on your health and cardiovascular system have yet to be proved conclusively, as of yet. Equally, the general assumption that vegetable fat is “good” and animal fat is “bad”, is no longer tenable scientifically.

3.The wise saying that you should eat as much cereal as you can has now also gone out of fashion. Little remains of the glorification of cereals as a health-giving foodstuff. Even though we live in modern times, our body still has instincts dating back to the Stone Age, and according to the popular Paleo thesis, (the Stone Age diet, without cereals), this also applies to nutrition. Some people (5%-10%, rather than 1% of the population, as previously assumed), are unable to cope with wheat, and are chronically ill, because their gluten intolerance remains undetected for years.

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