The 5 best summer fruits

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You can enjoy strawberries all summer long, and the little red fruits are undoubtedly a powerful package of nutrients. They consist of almost 90 percent water, but also contain a great deal of vitamin C. In addition, they have a high iron content, which is good for the immune system. As they are low in calories, you can eat large quantities of them too.


Melons can be harvested throughout the summer, and nowadays they are available in many varieties, such as watermelon or honeydew melon. They are also especially refreshing, and contain many vitamins, including vitamins A and B, as well as calcium and phosphor, which are good for the skin's metabolism. But the consumption of these fruits also benefits the connective tissues and the healing mechanism.



Apricots come onto the market during the summer months, and are favored for use in fruit salads and jams. Fresh apricots contains few calories and many different minerals. In particular, the high content of carotene and vitamins B and C makes them very attractive.


Blackberries in their raw state are real vitamin bombs. They contain large amounts of folic acid, magnesium and iron, which are just what you need to combat high temperature (fever), colds or heartburn. The little fruits also have a diuretic effect, and help to purify the blood.


What would we do without fresh raspberries in summer? The traditional raspberry is comprised of around 250 different substances, which give it its unmistakeable aroma. The crazy cocktail of nutrients is also a bonus. Raspberries are said to have an enormous healing potential, and they promote good health in people. The transport of oxygen in the tissues is a function which the raspberry benefits especially. These fruits also contain tannins, which can help to cure diarrhea, high temperature (fever), or upper respiratory infections.

Giving your body all the needed vitamins and nutrients is crucial for a healthy and strong body as well as enough energy throughout your day. If you have more ideas for great fruits in summer share your favorites in the comments below!

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